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However much you intend to handle your guinea pigs they will spend a lot of their time in their home. It is therefore so important you get it right for them, with as much space as you can manage to provide.


Guinea pigs need dry and warm housing, we only re-home to indoor homes or insulated heated sheds with natural light. This is because of the changeable weather conditions (both hot and cold) in the North East and the danger of predators.

Cages as a minimum, must allow 120cm on one level as a minimum- however we recommend much bigger if it is possible. Not all our guinea pigs will be suitable to live in 120cm accommodation

In rescue all our piggies live in C&C enclosures. We are always happy to advise on appropriate housing, remember you piggies spend a lot of time in their home and the more space they have the better.


Fresh water must be available at all times.
Guinea pigs need their diet to consist of 80% good quality hay, 10% pellets and 10% fresh vegetables/salad items/occasional fruit.
Hay must be freely available - We do not recommend hay racks. It is natural for guinea pigs to forage - play, sleep and eat hay.
Around a cup of fresh vegetables per pig per day should be fed split between morning and evening.