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Gertie's Gossip 3

Gather Round - Gather round it's Sunday night...... Well As you can see I have been chatting with Douggie - he is a song writer you know - or so he told me over the fence..... Wrote me a wonderful song ........ He sang it for me today while I went about my work...... its really catchy and got my hips swaying I can tell you " the minute you walked in the joint - I could tell you were a sow of distinction a real big wheeker - good looking and so refined - so wouldn't you like to know whats going on in my mind" ...... Quite frankly, I think it best I don't ask what is going on in Douggie's mind...... Sigh..... Black Furday...... Miss Edith tried to sell Uncle Elvis on Ebay - said it was what Bl

Gertie's Gossip

Come Hither..... Come Hither....... Miss Edith here - the good looking one of the Jackson Crew. Gertie Jnr said I could have a go at writing this weeks gossip as she is otherwise engaged with creating and launching our many multi-media platforms. She has set me strict criteria though, and has given me a list of things I can and can't mention. What's the point of gossip though, if I'm not allowed to give you the low down? So me and my personal assistant Karen hot pawed it down the bank to open our Rescue Account this week. Karen felt I was a tad over dressed in a little pin striped suit with massive shoulder pads... but when you are dealing with financial matters you have to look the part don

Gertie's Gossip

Gather round Gather round - It's Sunday! Look at me I'm knackered - so you will have to crowd round the hay pile.... Today we all gathered in the Piggery round the Piggy monument wall and paid respect to all who served us and allowed our country to be free ..... We also remembered Old Ben and the stories he use to tell us of the battle of Parsnip hill. It was so moving...... First up Miss Edith and Dolly played The last post - Miss Edith by putting her paw under one of her leg pits and flapping her leg up and down while Dolly put a bit of hay between her teeth and whistled - it was sort of authentic. Then Uncle Elvis started a minutes silence by firing 5 poops into the air and we did really


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