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Gertie's Gossip 5

Gather round..... gather round it's me Gertie Jnr bringing a refined read for your evening! We are all still shaken by the loss of our dear Uncle Elvis, but here in the piggery we try and think of the happy times...... Christmas was crazy here...... Miss Edith was very merry for most of it, staggering around with her mistletoe kissing every boar she could get her paws on and slurring a rude version of a carol.... "Howay in the Manger" The poor boars all ended up buried in their hay pile just to avoid her..... I splashed out on gifts for everyone in the piggery and got all my fellow piggies a carrot...not cheap ones mind you know those "simply the best" type..... I felt I had put a lot of th

Gertie Gossip 4

Gather Gather....... Have a eggnoggy carrot thingee ..... it's only a couple of weeks until Santa Paws hits the streets and decide which pigs have been good and bad..... We have had fun today getting ready for the big day. There was a lot of huffing and puffing from the boars as they made their annual pilgrimage to the loft to bring down the decoration boxes. They moaned and moaned, while all us sows sat waiting with excitement. Last year we very cleverly invested in a pop up Christmas tree. At the press of one button it springs upwards into shape - Its magnificent. Well I remembered from last year how difficult it was to get the star on top once it was up so I quickly set about attaching it


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