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Gertie's Gossip 6

When one of us just isn't enough!!!!! Come gather and hither - it's Gertie Jnr & Miss Edith here and have we got lots and lots to tell you - yes we have - Miss Edith has her rescue boar low down ..... and I Gertie have all the latest news and items that require more journalistic panache....... Settle down with Pop-corn and a large Carrot Cava - or for those who prefer their news with breakfast - cornflakes and a Carrot Cava - this is a long one Here at HQ with the passing of Uncle Elvis we suggested a merger of all the Jackson pigs into one group so Olive and Hamish moved in. I felt I needed more staff on the team...... So the Jackson Crew became a herd of 6. The bond was very uneventful -


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