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Gertie's Gossip 11

Good evening everyone. Tonight we are dedicating our gossip to our first 6 months of operating..... This is what can only be called a stat-tastic edition...... I'm going to cover the in's and the out's and Miss Edith is going to cover the shake it all abouts..... I Gertie Jnr will obviously be covering all the important facts and figures - but Miss Edith has insisted she is involved and is apparently going to add some interesting facts along the way.....said she has them all jotted down... I shudder to think.... Intakes....... Well where do we start..... Well - On the 22nd October we opened our doors welcoming Arnold, Bentley and Cornelius into rescue and that is where this exciting venture

Gerties Gossip 10

Come Hither, Come Hither..... It's Miss Edith here ... Happy Easter everyone. I hope the Easter Bunny has left you all a nutritious poop egg..... or similar. Well I'm in a tad of bother again today...... some pigs just have no sense of humour...... So at 6am I pretended to get a call on the rescue emergency line. Pulling many dramatic faces, getting everyone's attention by frantically pointing at the phone with my paws, while pretending to listen to a caller - Mmmm-ing and aahing a lot....jotting down notes... soon everyone was gathered round and when I put the phone down I told them all in a high pitched squeak - 50 babies were coming in - emergency - no where else to go...... snow coming


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