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Gertie's Gossip 16 - The Start of the Summer Holiday's - Part 1

Well it feels like ages since I put paw to keyboard....and gave you the top gossip..... that is probably because it is..... my paw has not been on the pulse at all.... So now I have so much gossip I don't know where to start.... I feel exhausted already .... so have loaded up my hip flask with Carrot cava, and am in for the long haul ...... grab yourselves a large one and snuggle down in your hay pile for an epic read over the next few days....... I will be doing it in parts - so will start at the beginning and end at the end...... No doubt with Miss Gertie interfering! A Trip to the Cinema - Miss Edith So the summer holidays started with me and Miss Gertie taking the 3 baby boars - Wilbur,


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