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Gather gather - we are bursting with gossip...... so much happening here..... we are bursting at the seams with piggies too.......  We are doing a joint effort this time ....... So over to Miss Edith to kick us off.....

Well I have started a finishing school for young M...

Good evening everyone. Tonight we are dedicating our gossip to our first 6 months of operating..... This is what can only be called a  stat-tastic edition...... I'm going to cover the in's and the out's and Miss Edith is going to cover the shake it all abouts........

January 28, 2018

When one of us just isn't enough!!!!! Come gather and hither - it's Gertie Jnr & Miss Edith here and have we got lots and lots to tell you - yes we have - Miss Edith has her rescue boar low down ..... and I Gertie have all the latest news and items that require more jo...

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May 20, 2019

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