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Gertie's Gossip

Gather round Gather round - It's Sunday! Look at me I'm knackered - so you will have to crowd round the hay pile....

Today we all gathered in the Piggery round the Piggy monument wall and paid respect to all who served us and allowed our country to be free ..... We also remembered Old Ben and the stories he use to tell us of the battle of Parsnip hill. It was so moving...... First up Miss Edith and Dolly played The last post - Miss Edith by putting her paw under one of her leg pits and flapping her leg up and down while Dolly put a bit of hay between her teeth and whistled - it was sort of authentic.

Then Uncle Elvis started a minutes silence by firing 5 poops into the air and we did really try hard to do a minutes silence but Mam became over emotional and rustled in her bag for a hanky - well you know what a rustling bag means - we all broke out in involuntary wheeks - Dolly saved the day by bursting into a rendition of we plough the fields and scatter ......... I told everyone it's not what you do - its just important you don't forget.

Rescue Round Up

Bentley and Cornelius continue to come on in leaps and bounds - and really are a great pair of boys - and seem to be very happy in each others company. Cornelius still has a way to go in terms of growing back fur and putting on weight - but everything is coming along really well.

Yesterday I had an executive meeting with our WEB designer...... He was superb and was very professional - and only wanted paying in millionaire shortbread our sort of man! He has given Hamish a crash course in web sites and got us started - so Hamish is burning the midnight oil to get it set up.

We really are learning as we go along here and trying to pull all the strands together to get Gertie's operational.

Miss Edith has an appointment to open a bank account this week - that should be interesting...........

So we are getting there slowly but surely.

Anyway must dash - its Bentley's bedtime and he is still firing poops at Miss Ediths head and she is getting annoyed......Boom

Gertie Jnr

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