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Gertie's Gossip

Come Hither..... Come Hither....... Miss Edith here - the good looking one of the Jackson Crew.

Gertie Jnr said I could have a go at writing this weeks gossip as she is otherwise engaged with creating and launching our many multi-media platforms. She has set me strict criteria though, and has given me a list of things I can and can't mention. What's the point of gossip though, if I'm not allowed to give you the low down?


So me and my personal assistant Karen hot pawed it down the bank to open our Rescue Account this week. Karen felt I was a tad over dressed in a little pin striped suit with massive shoulder pads... but when you are dealing with financial matters you have to look the part don't you..... Admittedly the little pencil skirt was a bit tight and restricted my movement a bit..... well totally really.... Had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and it split..... but luckily I had my snuggle tunnel to climb into so still looked totally on trend and ready to do business.

We had a very productive high powered meeting with the bank manager. We had to overcome a few challenges... when I had to put my signature on the account papers...... apparently one of my perfectly formed poops was not acceptable as a means of Identification. A gold card in my name..... was a no. A giant charity cheque made out to the Veg department at Tesco.... another no..... but after a bit of negotiating, our application was put in process.... So we should hopefully have our account operational in the next couple of weeks.


Our two lovely rescue boys are still doing very well and Cornelius got his weight gainers badge this week .... As he finally tipped the Kilo mark weighing in at 1006g. He really has come on in leaps and bounds - his fur is growing thick and fast now too. Its such good news for these two as it means hopefully in a few weeks time we can start to look for a home for them.


Gertie's gossip is now a blog.....

on our Web page ..... but don't tell Gertie Jnr I told you, she was having a big unveiling or something.... and everything has under construction all over it - which is pretty rubbish really..... I wasn't prepared to do the gossip and not actually have any gossip though as that would have been pants.....

Well I had better dash - I have to count the money tin and find somewhere safe to hide when Gertie Jnr notices I've told you about our web page..... but at least I didn't tell you she has set up on Twitter as well........ she would be really mad then!

Miss Edith

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