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Gertie Gossip 4


Gather Gather....... Have a eggnoggy carrot thingee ..... it's only a couple of weeks until Santa Paws hits the streets and decide which pigs have been good and bad.....

We have had fun today getting ready for the big day. There was a lot of huffing and puffing from the boars as they made their annual pilgrimage to the loft to bring down the decoration boxes. They moaned and moaned, while all us sows sat waiting with excitement.

Last year we very cleverly invested in a pop up Christmas tree. At the press of one button it springs upwards into shape - Its magnificent. Well I remembered from last year how difficult it was to get the star on top once it was up so I quickly set about attaching it - Miss Edith swears she didn't know I was working on the top branch when she hit the erect button..... I did call out - nobody hit the erect button quite clearly.... Now I'm safely down I suppose I can see the funny side of me swinging from the top branch clinging on for dear life until I was rescued.

With Sympiggy

Our Karen Corder has had a very sad two weeks - and I don't want to make her sad but we don't want her wonderful furries to go unmarked. In the last week or so

she has lost her wonderful Dorothy Rabbit and Meg Piggy. To get through one loss is hard - but to have three totally unrelated losses has made it a hard time for her. We are all thinking of you.

Rescue News

Cornelius, Bentley and Douggie all continue to do well. We are being careful not to overload ourselves in the early stages of set up as it would be irresponsible to take in a lot of piggys and then not be able to afford for their care.

Thanks to your very generous donations this week, we are starting to build the funds to make taking more guinea pigs in viable. We really appreciate those of you who dug deep for us - I can't tell you how much it means to us - especially at this expensive time of year.

However it is important to me Gertie Jnr, Karen and Mam that no one feels that being part of our rescue means you have to keep coughing up - We appreciate the support in whatever form it takes. If it be passing our name onto people looking to adopt, dropping in a bag of hay, Just having fun on our group and suggesting others join. All of these things help us to help those in need.

As soon as Mam is rid of these builders - we will be having a very sophisticated opening tea party..... Mam is getting the best china out and everything...... So watch out for a date - I'm pressing my little pinny ready to serve you........

Thank you all for being here...... the weather outside is frightful.... but the central heating is delightful ........ and since we have no place to go - let it snow let it snow let it snow........ Tra la la

Gertie Jnr

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