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Gertie's Gossip 5

Gather round..... gather round it's me Gertie Jnr bringing a refined read for your evening!

We are all still shaken by the loss of our dear Uncle Elvis, but here in the piggery we try and think of the happy times......

Christmas was crazy here...... Miss Edith was very merry for most of it, staggering around with her mistletoe kissing every boar she could get her paws on and slurring a rude version of a carol.... "Howay in the Manger"

The poor boars all ended up buried in their hay pile just to avoid her.....

I splashed out on gifts for everyone in the piggery and got all my fellow piggies a carrot...not cheap ones mind you know those "simply the best" type..... I felt I had put a lot of thought into it ......I wrapped them up really nicely........

I was a very lucky girl this year - Gracie got me a carrot, Dolly got me a umm carrot, I got a really nice carrot off Elf and Hamish and Olive got me a carrot.....

to be honest I'm a bit off carrots for the moment.

With Sympiggy

Jayne we were so sorry that you lost your beloved Diesel, he had a long life with you and a happy one. He was a big part of your world and has hopefully done his bit to educate the children who have met him how wonderful guinea pigs and animals are with his cuddles.

I hope it is also Ok to give Uncle Elvis another wave of honour. He really was such a gentle boy and lovely with the Crew.

Rescue Round-Up

Well we are now up to 4 boars in rescue and we are due a new arrival this weekend........

Cornelius and Bentley are rubbing along although poor old Cornelius does have a recurring rattle - that seems to come and go.

Elf is doing really well but it has to be said is scared of his own shadow...... he is especially scared of Miss Edith's shadow as she does her rounds. We are hoping with a bit of handling he will soon find his paws.

Douggie .... well you are not going to believe it - but he only went and knocked both of his front teeth out...... We think he got a bit carried away with the excitement of Christmas and ran into a wooden tunnel or something - we honestly don't know what he did- this was on Christmas Eve - so on Christmas day he really was singing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" You will be pleased to hear that they are growing back, which is amazing when you think about it. For now he is managing to eat really well - it's alway a relief when you see them adapting to a problem they have.

Miss Edith has been tapping away on her calculator for what feels like hours and is very excited to bring you the accounts in early January. She isn't giving anything away but has let on, things are looking a lot brighter than the end of November figure........... I will just add when we say a better figure - we are not talking about Miss Edith....... obviously!

A big thank you to Sandra Adams who popped in with hay and pellets for the rescue (along with her change pot too) - we really are grateful - I know we are small at the moment - but it makes such a difference, to have the basic supplies in stock. I also want to thank sincerely - the lovely Karen Price, Ash the Irish Bird and better half, Debs & Dave (and their handsome boars - swoon (waves paw frantically)), Sharon Bell who will go down in history as being the first floating our bank account, Tony & Kate our Cornish supporters, and the wonderful Corder camp - Mum Corder, Lewis and Rug Rat.

Your donations and support is very much appreciated and will allow us to offer spaces to needy piggys.

Here at Gerties, we always wanted to have a launch celebration, and with building works almost finished here at the piggery - we are now planning a little coffee morning. We hope you will come and say hello and celebrate the start of what we hope is going to be a fantastic venture. I am starching my apron in readiness to serve you on the finest china..... We are hoping to release the date next week............... and promise - Coffee, tea, carrot cava and cakes! What other way would Gertie's have it!

Karen, Mam and I have all been overwhelmed with everyone's support - How can we fail when we have you lot behind us.

Gertie Jnr

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