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Gertie's Gossip 7

Come Hither Come Hither - Miss Edith here - It's a short and snappy gossip this week....... Gertie Jnr does tend to go on a little.....

I'm not very popular with the rest of the Jackson Crew at the moment - but it honestly wasn't my fault......

So there was great excitement this week about the full big super moon thing and how we were all going to stay up and watch it ....... and Hamish built a wonderful staged seating so we could all sit and see out the window........

So there we all are sat staring out the window waiting for the big moon ..... with Hamish giving us a talk..... It was bloody boring......

"The Full Moon on January 31, 2018 is a almost a Supermoon. A Super Full Moon looks around 12% to 14% bigger than its counterpart, (Eyes glazed over) the Micromoon, and up to 7% bigger than an average Full Moon. More importantly, on this Full Moon night, there will be a total lunar eclipse in some areas, (yawn) including most of North America, Asia, Australia, and the Jackson Crews C&C ...... (Started to fidget) ........It is also a Blue Moon, as this is the second Full Moon in the month of January...... (starting playing with my fidget spinner)........ A totally eclipsed Moon usually looks red, and is often called a Blood Moon. This may be a rare opportunity to see a red Blue Moon, or a Super Blue Blood Moon."

At this point I quickly nipped to the ladies and to top up my popcorn carton ...... and it was on the way back, as I clambered back up to my seat .........that I slipped..... Ok so it was very unlucky that when I slipped I flipped into the air ......flip flapping my legs around for dear life ......shapely arse above face and came crashing down like a cannon ball - there were shouts of "TOTAL ECLIPSE" - then as I landed with a thud........the staged seating collapsed....... we all clattered downward..... followed by a hail storm of my popcorn landing on our heads..... there were shouts of "METEOR SHOWER" With everyone frantically running for the nearest tunnel....

Well would you believe that in the 30 seconds of commotion the Full blue red super-dupa moon was visible here in North Shields and everyone missed it.........Bummer!

With Sympiggy

It always breaks our hearts to write this section - but we do! We know, where as many don't rate the loss of a loved guinea pig, - how sad and difficult it is - and a little tribute to our furry friends is important.

Ginger a much loved piggy of "The Browns" sadly lost her fight this week.

And the beautiful Polga - belonging to Betty Rees - at very short noticed left us - She was a wonderful puff of elegance.

Both much loved beautiful girls.

Rescue News

Well Huckleberry Finn certainly had the sows in the piggery all of a tither, this week, when he arrived in rescue. What a cutie..... I am pleased to tell you that he is doing really well ..... he has been getting a lot of attention and with a bit of Hibby dibby scrubbing - on his ummmm nether region injury..... He has buffed up nicely and all is looking well.

I am going to finish up with mentioning our fantastic news - that after a lot of hard work - Gertie's was given Charity Status. This was so important to us - We really wanted to achieve this - so we would be taken seriously and also that it would open doors to us that would otherwise be shut.

You know here at Gertie's we like to make things as fun as possible - but the work we do for both the guinea pigs and their humans is very very important to us.

So as a closing note - We want to say a massive thank you to Karen Corder who did a fantastic job and did all the hard work to achieve this for us. We salute you!

This is Miss Edith........ In a neck brace (where there is blame there is a claim) .......... Live from Gertie's HQ .......unpopular but it will blow over ......... hopefully.....

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