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Gerties Gossip 10

Come Hither, Come Hither..... It's Miss Edith here ... Happy Easter everyone. I hope the Easter Bunny has left you all a nutritious poop egg..... or similar.

Well I'm in a tad of bother again today...... some pigs just have no sense of humour......

So at 6am I pretended to get a call on the rescue emergency line. Pulling many dramatic faces, getting everyone's attention by frantically pointing at the phone with my paws, while pretending to listen to a caller - Mmmm-ing and aahing a lot....jotting down notes... soon everyone was gathered round and when I put the phone down I told them all in a high pitched squeak - 50 babies were coming in - emergency - no where else to go...... snow coming..... you can imagine the scene...... A buzz of rescueness and shock as everyone discussed the emergency situation......

I then snuck back to bed sniggering.

Well I hadn't meant to sleep so long.... and when I woke at the door bell ringing - only flippin Tesco delivering an emergency food supply......... We are talking kg's of carrots...... lettuce...... baby leaf by the bag..... you are getting the scene as the poor delivery driver was staggering to the door.........

I did panic a little....

Gertie Jnr was stood in middle of the piggery high vis jacket, hard hat, steel capped boots (which was a little over the top), clip board ..... barking orders, as everyone else was busily building temporary high rise C&C pens....ready to take 50 babies.......

I did gulp a little as I rushed to the centre of the room and shouted at the top of my voice "April Fools".......

I'm not kidding - You could have heard a poop drop ......

I only know this because I did drop a poop (I was nervous)........and I did hear it.....

They all looked a bit furious - not one of them embraced the fun of April fools day.........

So I'm back in the bad books again and keeping a very low profile.


I thought I would let you know who is in rescue and what is going on here...... so here we go...... Miss Edith's low down..

Bentley and Cornelius are still with us. Cornee no longer has an issue with a mysterious rattle and these two bonded boars continue to search for the right home. They are a great pair but do need the space of a C&C or 140cm cage as they are typical boars.

Douggie & It Girl Ginge ......... I know ... Gossip!!!!!! They have now been bonded.

Douggie finally got the all clear following his post neuter issues and him and Ginge only managed to land themselves a 5* home together. Douggie and Ginge will be leaving us this week ......... to move to their forever home.... more news of that on Tuesday.

Poor old Fievel is still with us and still having issues following his neuter. We feel so sorry for him as he hopefully has a home lined up once we can sort his issue out. However he does still have a lump in the nethers and until we know what it is and sort it, we are not able to consider him moving on. He will be visiting the vet again this week.

Godfrey, bless him, is such a true gent - and still waiting for the right boar to come along. As an older gent (around 3) we know it will be a case of the right match coming along. I thought I would share with you the conditions he was in before he came to us. His bread roll diet is long behind him and he has gained weight and is a really friendly trusting boar despite his previous existence. We know there is someone out there for Godfrey. He does still like a carrot.

Godfrey is currently living it up in our sponsored "Alexis Pen"

Oh what is there to say about our little Huckleberry Finn - This piggy is just so adorable. He is only a young boar at around 8 months old. He is probably one of the friendliest boars I have known, He is first at the bars for veg and will allow you to reach in and give him a stroke and tickle - and when I have been sat playing with the babies I have turned round to find him curled up next to me watching. He really is special - and again just waiting for the right match enquiry to come in. Huck is currently living the life of riley in "Jerry's Pen" kindly sponsored by Gill Selby.

Lewis is settling in well with Karen and brightening her days. We will decide if to neuter or let him wait for a boar after we have assessed his character a little more. Although this is only really done when you try them with boars. For now he is cosey and watching the world go by with lots of piggies nearby.

So that just bring us to the adorable babies that joined us a couple of weeks ago. It is always an honour to have the fun of babies when they are in rescue. They really are so small and funny - and how ever you try and take a picture that shows how tiny they are - they always look big. You watch them grow by the day and are amazed how quickly they develop. We have great news on homes for the little ones that is all rolling at the moment...... We have homes for both the girls. More news of that to come.

The three boars who are truly living it up in the "Prices Piggy Party Pen" are like live wires. We have a couple coming to meet the boys this weekend so hopefully two of the boys will capture their hearts and following a homecheck, that will be more good news. So that leaves just one little one to place.

Phew...... I have repetitive paw strain after tapping that lot of updates in...... but when one is a tad unpopular........ best to show willing........

Good luck to Karlie and Jolene who joined Lemmy and Mildred after a successful bonding. The girls vacated the "The Londesbrough Luxury Lounge " .... leaving it empty and vacant ready for the next new arrival ..... SPOILER ALERT.... we may have pig R joining us this week.... SO Donna Ord be ready...... Pig R is incoming! Lets just hope the RANDOM member generator picks you to chose the name!!!!

As ever thank you for sharing our venture, that just about rounds up all here at Gertie's.

As always unpopular

Miss Edith - Only just alive!


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