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Gertie's Gossip 11

Good evening everyone. Tonight we are dedicating our gossip to our first 6 months of operating..... This is what can only be called a stat-tastic edition...... I'm going to cover the in's and the out's and Miss Edith is going to cover the shake it all abouts..... I Gertie Jnr will obviously be covering all the important facts and figures - but Miss Edith has insisted she is involved and is apparently going to add some interesting facts along the way.....said she has them all jotted down... I shudder to think....


Well where do we start..... Well - On the 22nd October we opened our doors welcoming Arnold, Bentley and Cornelius into rescue and that is where this exciting venture all started. Alas it was a little too late for Arnold and he didn't make it.

Cornelius his brother (aged 2ish) weighed 615g when he arrived and was missing a lot of fur... He is still our biggest weight gain in rescue...... weighing in now at 1320g ....

Miss Edith says...... Cornelius is a big fat pig and eats far too many of my carrots - I've signed him up for "Newcastle Can"

Bentley and Cornelius remain our longest stays in rescue as we still search for their perfect forever home.

So to follow came ..... Douggie, Elf, Feivel Jet-Pack, Godfrey, Huckleberry Finn, It girl Ginge, Jolene, Karlie, Lewis, Malcolm Marmaduke, Nobby, Oisin, Pippa, Quinoa, Rudie, Stan, Tallulah, Willow, Florence, Bluebell, Martha, Hercule Pigot and Pepe..... phew...... I did that off the top of my head!

Miss Edith says...... 16 adorable boars and (pursed lips) 10 Sows.....

Most of our intakes have come in for good and genuine reasons - those being pet shop mis-sex, loved and wanting to do the right thing with a change of circumstances etc.

Although our most unusual diet for a pig and not such great circumstances was Godfrey - who as you can see was living on bread rolls and carrots............

Miss Edith says...... to sum up intakes....too many sows obviously...... and some very good looking boars

I'm just pointing out... but don't want to dwell on it..... if you come into Gertie's you have a 25 to 1 chance of surviving.......just saying....

Thanks Miss Edith...... moving swiftly on.......

Forever homes......

We know we have been very lucky and found some fantastic homes for our piggies - to date we have rehomed..... Douggie, Elf, Feivel Jet-Pack, Godfrey, It girl Ginge, Jolene, Karlie, Malcolm Marmaduke, Nobby, Oisin, Pippa, Quinoa and Rudie.

That is 13 piggies. Karen Cilla Corder has held 6 date bonding weekends- that is a big commitment of her time.

Our first rehome was to Jayne Muir when Elf was bonded with Sam. When we set up one thing that was really important to us was that we gave boars the option of meeting boars and not just pushing the neuter route. So it was especially special that our first home was a boar pairing.

We would like to thank, Jayne, Betty, Shellie, Heather, Danielle, Lianne, Jamie and Allison for giving these piggies the chance they all deserved and choosing rescue.

Miss Edith says..... to sum up Forever homes (wipes tear from eye and stuffs tissue back up cardie sleeve) So lovely to see such happy outcomes for our piggies...... vital stat here - I've applied for a date night on numerous occasion and yet to hear back! I feel I could get a better placement........


So here are some vital quick fire stats......Boom!

  • We have spent £451.69 at the Vets

  • We have received a whooping £731 in donations

  • We have had 5 of our pens sponsored so have piggies living in exclusive pads named - Alexis’ Piggy Pen, Wanda's wheekers welcome pen, Jerry's Pen, The Londesbrough Luxury Lounge and The Price's Piggy Party Pen.

  • We have 11 supporters on "Give as you live"

  • We have 3 "Friends of Gertie's" donating monthly

Miss Edith says.....I have balanced the accounts every month no shit...... and do you know we have spent £289.10 on neutering...... that is just nuts!

My invoice for carrot cava still appears unpaid..........

Random Things

  • We have 75 members in our FB group

  • We have published 11 Gerties Gossip's

  • We have achieved Charity Status

  • Sharon Bell was the first person to deposit money into our bank account.

  • We have had a coffee morning in the snow

Miss Edith says.....

  • We have cleaned up an average of ten trillion poops a week

  • We have chopped carrots until our paws are bleeding

  • We have read bedtime stories to babies

  • We have laughed at Donna Ord suggesting Rudie as a name beginning with E - 10 million times......

So what is left to say.....

Thank you for sharing the first crazy six month with us........ A big thank you for donating,supporting us, taking part in name offs (We have the best named piggies in the country...... sort of), encouraging us, taking part and allowing us to do what we do. We have cried and laughed and cried with laughter over the last six months - and we couldn't have done it without you all.

Gertie Jnr and Miss Edith

On behalf of Sam, Karen and Jayne.

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