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Gertie's Gossip 13..... How lucky is that......

Gather gather - we are bursting with gossip...... so much happening here..... we are bursting at the seams with piggies too....... We are doing a joint effort this time ....... So over to Miss Edith to kick us off.....

Well I have started a finishing school for young Misty and Little Ethel our two girls born in rescue - you know - teach them how to be wised up, liberated powerful sows with sass.... so far we have covered ..... How to shake your bootie .... without looking vulgar and cheap. How to get the best veg......when dining in a group. How to drink from a water bottle without looking like a drunk.... How to make polite conversation over tea.....

So tonight I took the girls for a walk about - around the piggery, so they could try out their new skills...

First off we stopped by Bentley and Cornelius ....... I encouraged the girls to make polite conversation.... So Misty asked where Bentley had his fur done, as she wanted to make sure she didn't get booked in there........ I pushed the girls swiftly on to Pepe and Stan........ Misty again.... "Oh my goodness Aunty E don't they look like my brother Foggy".... again I pushed them quickly away as Stan and Pepe hit speed dial to their solicitor.....

Aaah Florence and Maud..... this would be a safe bet - So I shouted out "Flo - Maud - come and meet our little ladies"

Flo and Maud bustled over to say hello ... and then Little Ethel pointed and said ..... " why has that piggy only got one eye Aunty E" in a very loud whisper.......

So that concluded our walk about.......... and both girls where swiftly returned to their mothers...... handing over to Gertie Jnr while I have a stiff drink .... Miss E


We have had a really busy few weeks with pigs coming and going - It was good to see some of the girls move on Tallulah left to join Ash and Martha moved on to join Sarah Knox. Both Ash and Sarah have been wonderful adopters and are going to be giving homes to Willow and Bluebell when their have finished being mams to our 4 babies born in rescue. There is nothing better than knowing the mums have a great home to go to - rather than being overlooked for the younger babies.

Alice and Grace also left us yesterday to join Brad and Debbie Read. Thank you Debbie and Brad for giving our lovely girls a great home and we hope Brad realises now he has his paws full...... with these two ladies!

Connie and Beatrice (now Daisy and Willow) also left us this

month to shack up with Popcorn and Thistle - thanks to Danielle Boddy.... What a beautiful group they make.

Florence - who is now known as Miss Moo also left the piggery this week to join Karen's gang.

What we are desperate for now is homes for our very deserving boar pairs. We feel so sorry for them - not an enquiry for any of them.


So I think you lived and breathed with us the arrival of our first babies born in rescue - firstly Willow had Misty and Foggy and then FINALLY Bluebell had Ethel and Tucker. We are just so happy we had the honour of welcoming 4 healthy babies into Gertie's.

We have had a lot of other intakes over this month.

We had Flump only a young pig herself and her 3 babies - Bubbles, Betty and Demelza.

Florence and Maud also joined us and we are currently investigating issues that Florence has health wise. These two older ladies are so loveable and so attached to each other. It melts your heart to watch them together.

Hadrian - the sow who was a boar - with Esther and Felicity arrived Friday. This sent Karen and Mam into a reorganisation frenzy as they had expected 3 sows.

Last but not least today Bert and Teddy joined us. A beautiful boar pair.

So WHO is in Rescue...... and here is your round up.... for those who have lost track......

Willow, Foggy and Misty

(in Wanda's Wheeker's Welcome Pen)

Stan and Pepe

(in The Londesbrough Luxury Lounge)


(in Alexis’ Piggy Pen)

Bentley and Cornelius

(in Jerry's Pen)

Bluebell, Ethel and Tucker

(in un-sponsored pen)

Florence and Maud

(in Price's Piggy Party Pen)

Drake and Darwin

(in un-sponsored pen)

Mama Flump, Bubbles, Betty and Demelza

(in un-sponsored pen)

Esther and Felicity

(in unsponsored pen)

Bert and Teddy

(in un-sponsored pen)

We are officially full - and for the first time since we set up in October 2017 have a waiting list for intakes.

Other Rescue News

A massive thank you to all of you who have embraced give as you live.... We have 14 supporters now and have raised £44 - for nothing. It does take a little getting use to..... but you do earn money for us for nothing when you get into the swing of it......

Gift Aid

Ok so here is another way we can maximise donations for nothing. If you donate or have donated to us and pay tax - if you fill out a short form for us we can claim .25p for every pound you have donated. This for us as a small rescue is massive. Please contact us via messenger or email if you are happy to fill out our gift aid form.

Final shout our special Karen!

Mam has for the last 2 weeks been a little off colour.... and been told she has labyrinthitis.... basically this means she staggers round like a drunk and can't balance.

During this time Karen Corder has cleaned out and cared for every single piggy on the above "in rescue" list. She has picked up piggies, weighed - bathed, groomed (sometimes badly) piggies. Done all the vet runs..... So Karen - We want to say thank you X

Gertie Jnr and Miss Edith

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