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Adopting from Gertie's

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Thank you for considering adopting from Gertie's. There are so many guinea pigs who arrive in rescue just looking for their second chance.

By adopting from Gertie's not only are you helping piggie's to find a loving home with you - but are making a space available to the next piggies that need help from us. You will get support, advice and a free bonding service if required.

At Gertie's we try and make the adoption process as fast and smooth as possible. The more information you give us at initial enquiry stage the easier it is for us to move things forward. Nothing in our adoption policy and procedure is meant to be a barrier and we are happy to work with people to find the right piggies for them and the right set up for the piggies.

As we are registered charity we have to ensure our adoption policy is met on every occasion.

Following your initial enquiry we will check/work with you to ensure that our policy is met. Once we have confirmation (this will be from information provided by you, photos and home check) we will discuss available piggy options and then arrange an adoption or book in a bond date.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have - we want the adoption process to be as friendly and interactive as possible.


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