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We offer a free bonding service when you adopt a piggy from Gertie's.

We do not speed bond - and all our bonds are carried out over a 48 hour period or longer if required. This allows for a proper introduction and monitoring to check the piggies are compatible.


We discuss possible pairings with you prior to the bonding date and will, where possible, bond with the piggy you have a preference for. However sometimes we have to let piggies decide if it is going to work or not. Like people, sometimes they just don't like each other. We will always consult with you if this occurs and discuss what options are then available.

We ask that you bring your piggy and a supply of their usual pellets to avoid any tummy upset- we supply everything else.  We do not bond with owners present as their anxiety can affect the bond.  However, we do keep you fully updated on progress with photos and videos so that you feel part of the process.

We have many years of experience bonding piggies and as a result it is usually straight forward, but we have had on occasion, a difficult piggy arrive at Gertie's in search of a friend. We rarely send a piggy home without a friend, there really is a pig out there for everyone - and we don't give up.

If you are experienced in bonding and wish to bond yourself this is something we will discuss and agree during the adoption process.

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