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Surrendering To Gertie's

We know that situations change and there are many reasons that people contact us to re-home their guinea pig(s).

We never sit in judgement of people and try and make giving up your guinea pigs as easy as possible. We understand that this will not have been an easy decision for you.

We reassure you that once in with us your piggies will be cared for and we will work to find your piggies the best home - if a single pig they will be found a friend. If a pair or group or piggies we will not split them up (unless they don't get on) and find them a home together. All homes are checked and meet our adoption policy, so we do ensure the piggies do get a good home - with rescue support for their lives.

All we ask is you ensure you give us as much info on your situation as possible, and about your piggies. 

Sometimes we do have a waiting list for space and where this is the case we will let you know. 

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