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Foster Scheme

Do you have the space and time to long term foster a pair of our harder to home piggies?

Some piggies are overlooked time and time again due to their age or disabilities and we know they would benefit from the love and attention of a foster family.  Fostering can be really rewarding and this scheme is fully backed up with Gertie's support.

Why we have started this scheme

As you can imagine when you run a rescue, guinea pigs of all ages, sexes and fur types arrive looking for a space. We never turn away a piggy in need, but sometimes this means we find ourselves over-subscribed with piggies who are near impossible to re-home. When we can't re-home we can't take in more piggies that need our help as our space becomes blocked. Gertie's foster scheme allows piggies to be placed with loving families who can enjoy spending one to one time with them.  This then frees up valuable space to help us support other piggies in need.


What we supply

If you don't already have suitable housing, we will provide that. We will then supply on a regular basis:

  • Hay

  • Bedding 

  • Pellets

As a foster family you would be expected to provide fresh vegetables/salad to your piggies.  All vet bills will be covered by Gertie's.

What we expect

  • Stability is important for our piggies as they have often been passed from home to home, and therefore you need to be prepared for what could be a long term commitment.

  • Any medical conditions/situations must be discussed with us and you must be prepared to use our vets.


If you think you can help us to offer a pair of our hard to home piggies a loving home, get in touch

Please email us at

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