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Sponsor A Pen

£50 for a year or £5 per month  

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Why not sponsor one of our rescue pens?

Either for yourself or as a gift.


When a piggy arrives here at Gertie's they are allocated their own home for the duration of their stay. Why not make their stay more prestigious - as they enter a named pen and realise straight away someone cares.

Name it after yourself- or mark the occasion of that someone special -  a lost piggy, an animal lover or anything you like - It's in your chosen name for a year and of course gives the rescue piggies who reside there, for their stay at Gertie's, a home to call their own .


The pen will have a plaque with the name and be credited as new piggies come and go. You will receive communication from the residents and get a certificate. If given as a gift we will send details to the recipient in a Gertie's gift card. 


This scheme helps us to fund the care of the piggies who pass through our doors and continue to run our much needed rescue

Our Pens

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