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Gertie's Gossip 3

Gather Round - Gather round it's Sunday night......

Well As you can see I have been chatting with Douggie - he is a song writer you know - or so he told me over the fence..... Wrote me a wonderful song ........ He sang it for me today while I went about my work...... its really catchy and got my hips swaying I can tell you

" the minute you walked in the joint - I could tell you were a sow of distinction a real big wheeker - good looking and so refined - so wouldn't you like to know whats going on in my mind"

...... Quite frankly, I think it best I don't ask what is going on in Douggie's mind......

Sigh..... Black Furday...... Miss Edith tried to sell Uncle Elvis on Ebay - said it was what Black Furday was all about.... Luckily I was able to secure the highest bid..... and keep Uncle Elvis safely at home.... I had to pay 99p for him.... which I personally thought was quite steep.... and I have disputed the £4.99 P&P charges....

With Sympiggy


It always breaks our heart when we have to say goodbye to a beloved pig and sometimes it is a total shock with no prior warning or signs. Karen Corder lost her beloved Aela today and we want Karen to know - We are all thinking of her at this very sad time. Only a piggy owner knows how hard it is to say goodbye and what a loss our little precious ones are. A family member comes in all shapes and sizes but all remain in our hearts.

Rescue Round Up

Well new intake pig D..... or as we now know him after the fantastic name off - Douggie is settling in - He is only 849g at the moment and is yet to put any weight on. With little history about him it is difficult to know if he is just a small piggy. Some piggies do take longer to settle when their surroundings change so dramatically.

Cornelius and Bentley are also doing well . Although Cornelius had a trip to the vets this week as he has a rattle. In himself, he is happy, behaving normally eating and drinking. He had a very good examination by our vet Laura.... Ive promised I wouldn't mention how he had his temperature taken - but all our eyes watered when he told us! He is on a course of Baytril and Metacam so we are hoping this will sort the problem. We will keep you updated.

As Miss Edith blurted out mid-week, much was her excitement, We now have a Rescue bank account. So many things are linked to this it was a massive step for us - so you can imagine how excited we are. We are very keen that our rescue is very open and that our supporters can see where our funds are going - so we will be publishing our accounts.... Miss Edith and her assistant Karen Corder will be dealing with the cash side of things. Miss Edith keeps shouting out "show me da money" ..... like some gangster - it really is very un-sow like.

I know we are really small fry in the rescue world at the moment but we do really appreciate you joining us on the group and having fun and hopefully passing on the news that we exist. We under no illusion of how hard you have to work to get up and running.

Well best I get myself away..... I have to make sure little Bentley has brushed his teeth...

Gertie Jnr - Journalistic Pig

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