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Gertie's Gossip 8

Gather Round ... Gather round - It's time to gossip.......... Well what a busy few weeks we have had here at Gertie's.... and this week was Mam's birthday. We like birthdays because it means we can have a party.... and parties mean snacks and carrot cava....... We threw her a fantastic bash. Gracie Mop did a wonderful eat as much as you can physically stuff in buffet..... It was posh mind - all served on the best china ...... and then we got some tunes on and pulled some shapes before relaxing with some traditional party games...... We started with musical pigloo's - then moved onto our all time favourite - Squeak Piggy Squeak..... we were all very good at that one..... We were not so good a

Gertie's Gossip 7

Come Hither Come Hither - Miss Edith here - It's a short and snappy gossip this week....... Gertie Jnr does tend to go on a little..... I'm not very popular with the rest of the Jackson Crew at the moment - but it honestly wasn't my fault...... So there was great excitement this week about the full big super moon thing and how we were all going to stay up and watch it ....... and Hamish built a wonderful staged seating so we could all sit and see out the window........ So there we all are sat staring out the window waiting for the big moon ..... with Hamish giving us a talk..... It was bloody boring...... "The Full Moon on January 31, 2018 is a almost a Supermoon. A Super Full Moon looks aro


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