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Gertie's Gossip 8

Gather Round ... Gather round - It's time to gossip..........

Well what a busy few weeks we have had here at Gertie's.... and this week was Mam's birthday. We like birthdays because it means we can have a party.... and parties mean snacks and carrot cava....... We threw her a fantastic bash.

Gracie Mop did a wonderful eat as much as you can physically stuff in buffet..... It was posh mind - all served on the best china ...... and then we got some tunes on and pulled some shapes before relaxing with some traditional party games......

We started with musical pigloo's - then moved onto our all time favourite - Squeak Piggy Squeak..... we were all very good at that one.....

We were not so good at piggy statues - Mam rustled a bag and we all had to keep very still....... and not make a's really much harder than you think.

I must admit - pass the parsley was not a great success due to certain party members eating the parsley... leaving us with nothing to pass ...... but you know what it's like when you get the carrot cava fuelled munchies.

I was a bit unsure about spin the water bottle as a suitable game - but went with it! but I did finally put my paw down when the boars suggested playing Blind Sows Muff......

Rescue News

IT girl Ginge has been a big hit here in the piggery - she really is full of character and is popular with our boars. Its not unusual to find her having a chat with Huckleberry.

She has been to see the vet last week as underneath all her wonderful fur she did have a couple of lumps. We always like to get them checked out just in case - we are pleased to report in that they are sebaceous cysts - which is good news. We really hope we can find her a home where lumps and all are loved. At 4 Ginge really wants to find herself a friend(s) to celebrate retirement with. We must say she is loving life with all that goes on in the piggery.

As you know both Douggie and Fievel Jet got neutered earlier in the month. Douggie is doing really well and ready to go off soon to try out some Durham sows!!!! we really are so excited for him.

Fievel Jet unfortunately has had a post op infection - and thank goodness has had Karen looking after him. I am really pleased to say we have turned a corner with him now and he is on the mend. I won't lie Karen and Mam were worried but Fievel has taken it all in his stride...... and is now saying he really hopes the snip will be worth it!

Both Huckleberry Finn and Godfrey are both still waiting for a boar date - but we know it takes time for us to become known and to build our reputation. We are now working hard to get our name out there - so people find us and piggies like Huckleberry and Godfrey do get their chance of a forever home.

Godfrey has caught a certain sows eye mind..... and managed to get himself a sponsor while he is in rescue..... Thank you Sally Moir for sponsoring Godfrey while he is here with us..... He said if you had 4 legs and more fur he would be on the first train to Edinburgh!

If any of you are bored on a winters night - do google our website - The more hits we get from people finding us on google the more we move up their ranking and the higher up the ranking we get - the more people find us.

Well with Snow forecast we have one paw on the thermostat ...... and send a little prayer out to those less fortunate - This Is Gertie Jnr - reporting live - from the hay stack - at HQ

Gertie Jnr

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