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When one of us just isn't enough!!!!! Come gather and hither - it's Gertie Jnr & Miss Edith here and have we got lots and lots to tell you - yes we have - Miss Edith has her rescue boar low down ..... and I Gertie have all the latest news and items that require more journalistic panache....... Settle down with Pop-corn and a large Carrot Cava - or for those who prefer their news with breakfast - cornflakes and a Carrot Cava - this is a long one

Here at HQ with the passing of Uncle Elvis we suggested a merger of all the Jackson pigs into one group so Olive and Hamish moved in. I felt I needed more staff on the team...... So the Jackson Crew became a herd of 6. The bond was very uneventful - Hamish whose initial excitement at having 5 sows and belief "He was the Man" were soon shattered into the realisation - 5 girlies didn't mean - bliss - it meant 5 times the nagging and indeed he even came below Miss Edith in the pecking order - hard for any pig to take!

Miss Edith's Essential guide to

"Boars on the Rescue Block"

.... Here is Miss Edith with a little reminder of all the piggies here at Gertie's......

Bentley and Cornelius were the first piggies to join Gertie's Rescue and are still here. We are having to keep the boys in rescue due to Cornelius having a strange on off chest rattle - as you can see Bentley has been taking Cornelius out for Sunday drives to make sure he gets fresh air - and so Bentley can show off his sports car to local sows. They are a wonderful duo - Cornelius weighed just 615g when he came in - aged 2 years old. We are so thrilled he is now a substantial 1200g. We think the boys will be with us for some time. Miss Edith's Boar rating: In my HOT 5.......#hotboars

Douggie - who could not love our Douggie? He is such a fuzzy loveable rogue.

He loves nothing better than a chat and gossip with you. Always time to say hello.... He really came from a tough start and is now just finding his paws.... Under Aunty Karen's care he is finally gaining weight and really excited to find himself a friend....

Miss Edith's Boar Rating: He is a keeper .... if only he would return my calls..... #miffed

Fievel..... he gives me Fever....Oooh those good looks and that look of love..and want you eyes. Cool - yet HOT! Whiter than White....... YET Black (with a go faster random stripe) Available - yet ignores my 50 text messages I send a day!

Miss Edith's Boar Rating: Too hot to paw.... too cool not to want... desperately.....

Godfrey.... OK so he is not quite a dalmatian of pure breeding .... but this boar has CLASS...

He asked two photos of him be posted one to show his pure class breeding with posed paw - one to show his sort of half dalmatian markings....

(who am I to refuse I personally have a scrap book of 100's of photo's of him)

Miss Edith's Boar Rating: Who see's past his lips to care what markings he has ?#ikissedadalmatianandithinkilikedit

With Sympiggy

It was with great sadness that Betty Rees lost her beloved Bernard. He was a true giant until the end and leaves a big hole in our hearts. Special big man.

Rescue News

Gertie Jnr here - where do I start with everything that is going on - You know I have my paw on the pulse .... but so much has happened we couldn't be more excited and my pulse is racing.......

Opening Bash

So last Sunday we had our opening bash ..... The high class of North and South of the river turned out....Best china out and everything. People sipping tea with pinkee's poised- eating slithers of cake.... dunking baps into soup.... A real Gertie's class event...... Then a snow storm blew in from the west - it was like a stampede for the exit ..... I mean it was like suddenly deserted ..... tumbleweed ... all you could hear was Mam using Gracie to wash the dishes..... and Miss Edith screaming as she launched herself on a makeshift toboggan down the garden. Not an opening event we will forget. I was left stood on my podium with my rousing "opening speech" unread........ Thank you to everyone who came out to support us in a very special celebration.

Charitable Status

So on Friday night after weeks in preparation Karen Corder submitted our application for charitable status. It is important to us here at Gertie's that we do everything right and so we want to register and stand among the giants, we dream big and think guinea pigs should have their place and support and rights. Again I was working up a grand and detailed announcement and my rousing 1 hour speech was ruined by Miss Edith's spoiler post!..... she just has no sense of occasion. We will keep you posted on how our application has gone - we are new to all of this so lets hope we are accepted without too much red tape or sow girl errors.

First Adoption

We had much to celebrate this week - We have hardly drawn breath between gulps of Carrot Cava!

We had our first adoption....... our very own Elf went off to live with Sam - and the Muir family. We couldn't have been more thrilled at how our first boar bond went. We are so pleased that Elf found a friend of his own and found such a wonderful home with Jayne and his new best-mate Sam.


At Gertie's we are not all about just the pigs in rescue we also support pigs in the community and when Wanda told us she needed to get her girls bonded and they were not an easy bunch - how could we refuse not to help. So we had a pair of sows and a solo sow to bond. Believe me - sometimes sows can be the worse.

Star, Penny and Skye all came along to Gertie's and we set the pig whisperer on the job........ Karen Corder made light work of getting some big characters to bond - and Wanda came and picked up the trio today.... Bonding is no easy task and after a difficult start we did finally get there. Where as Penny and Star wanted to chat (above) - Skye just wanted to get some box sets sorted on Netflix.....

So gulping briefly now - and swigging just a little more Carrot Cava for good measure - in case we missed celebrating something.....

This is Gertie Jnr hitting the hay stack - after one very exciting week in rescue.....

Thank you for sharing this special week of firsts with us and supporting us in our venture.

Gertie Jnr.... and Miss Edith

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