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A Gertie's Christmas Tale - Part 2 As told by Miss Edith

It's getting to that time of year when we lay around in a cosy cuddle cup with a pile of snacks and a bottle of Carrot Cava and reflect on the year…usually through blurred vision and blood shot eyes.

In my case I am sprawled out in the piggery and remember the back story of each piggy as they snuggle happily in their C and C pens ....

Suddenly I get a really warm feeling...... then realise I've just wee'd in my bed again..... (Miss Gertie... Miss Gertie I need a fresh cosy cup...)

So here we go Miss Edith's walkabout

To my left in " Wanda's Wheekers Welcome Pen" I spot our Sprout.... He arrived with us in October when his mate was unfortunately lost in a tragic accident. With his best interests at heart it was decided he should come to Gertie's. He is such a gentle fellow and very friendly. At 3 years old he is just up my street..... but unfortunately has a very stubborn fungal infection round his mouth... No one wants to pucker up and kiss him with that going on!

Third time lucky though we are on our 3rd treatment and let's hope this one works as he so deserves a boar-friend.

Coming into focus now in "Jen and Pip's pen of love" is our little Betsy and Astrid. They joined us in November having been purchased from PaH - their owner soon found circumstances had change so two weeks later they were here with us. Just because we don't trust PaH we have been monitoring the girls to make sure there is no extra's on the way..... However these two are very excited that the new year may bring them a forever home where they can really settle and call their own. They are little live wires.

To continue the tour I pad along until I reach "The Londesbrough Luxury Lounge" and am as ever greeted with enthusiasm by Henry .... he is so handsome and always has time for the ladies and at only 18 months old he certainly is a catch for any lady or boar.

He currently lives with Millie - our OAP at 6 years old. They arrived as a pair after their owner was seriously ill. Due to this we only have limited information on the pair as they arrived via family members. However our assumption had originally been .....that.... you know - Henry had .... you know...... been snipped...

(holds paw to mouth and in stage whisper) "but this is not case" - (pulls dramatic face).

Mam and Karen have ummed and erred where to go with this pair for many reasons.

Firstly to offer up an un-neutered boar and female is not viable, alongside an 18 month and a 6 plus year old not an attractive adoption to people. Henry is very annoying to poor Millie while she is happy to snooze the day away in her retirement, he is continually bothering her as he is much more active. This one is a real toughie for us - because we don't like to change or mess around with bonded pairs. However having observed and discussed at length we know we will have to split these two up - however we know timing will be key to this - we do not want either being split to live alone - so we do have a master plan.... Which I Miss E will explain as we work round the Piggery!..... you will see my plan is genius!

Anyone else need to top their glass up at this stage? ..... (Miss Gertie Miss Gertie..... top up please).... Right..... Moving on...

Mmmm looking at this photo I have a sudden craving for my cadbury's selection box.......Miss Gertie - Miss Gertie I have the nibbles.....

Ok so here we are at "Jerry's Pen".... and our other little girls.... Nutmeg and Holly. At seven months old they really are super active and love their hay so much that the pen is often empty by the time the next top up is due.... Arriving with us because of Allergies in the family - these two have settled in really well. Holly is a keen climber as well and loves to sit on her tunnel or platform to watch everything that is going on..... Nutmeg is a little more nervous but loves a cuddle.These girls are actively seeking a home that is big on hay and love.

So next up in a temporary cage is the lovely Pepper. He was living with a rabbit after losing his previous mate. A dramatic change in circumstances saw him arrive at Gertie's.

What a super boar he is..... and only been here two weeks and has piled on 100g already. At 5 he is an experienced and gentle boar - who is friendly ..... we often chat about the good old days.... over a sherry. We really are hoping for an older boar who is looking for a friend soon - as Pepper still has so much to give a family...... paws crossed for Pepper.

Moving along..... I am now at "April's Pen" and our dear Wonky Dolly.... obviously we don't call her that to her face... but she does have a Wonky head.... which is yet to be investigated due to her nursing numerous babies. We try not to stare .... but do all find ourselves tilting our heads when we talk to her.......

So Dolly is one of "Gertie's 30" she arrived in August with two little ones Vera and Gloria - they were only 2 days old. It soon became obvious that poor Dolly - who is only young herself had been caught with a back to back pregnancy. In October she went on to deliver a further 4 girls. All of her 6 lovely daughters have been re-homed. Dolly herself remains while we now look into her Wonk. Some wonks are nothing and just add to the character of a pig - other wonks are a sign of things going on - she is such a timid and nervous girl and with investigation into her wonk pending - we think she may well remain with us at Gertie's..... Hold that thought as part of my genius master plan. In the meantime - Wonky Dolly is enjoying life without a baby hanging off her feeding station and actually starting to put on weight and grow herself which does make us all smile. Wonky Dolly does also like singing "Hello Dolly" and kicking her legs in the air......

Ok next up is our Pepsi...... She never misses an opportunity to tell us she is 5 in January....(yawn). Pepsi was once a School pet and then was living alone and joined us a month or so ago to find company. She has an eye issue which is currently being looked at. We think Pepsi may also stay with us due to the ongoing care here eyes need and her age.

Pepsi loves everything that is going on around her and is always on look out for activity and chat. She really is a fantastic character. Hold Pepsi in your minds for my genius plan........

Above Pepsi.... in a temporary cage .... or as he calls it the "Penthouse" is Sirius. Sirius came in as a single with Vader, who is in Karen's Piggy Loft, as they had a massive fall out and came in to be re-homed as singles. Sirius likes you to attend to him first and goes mad at the bars until he gets your attention..... I obviously like to play hard to get and try and ignore his loud cry for attention but find it difficult to pass him by ..... without swooning... Sirius may be suitable as a boar bond but failing that will be neutered. He is such a lively piggy and a real character in the piggery. We know there is the right family out there for him.

Phew - I've almost made it round now.... just one last pen to call in on.......

The "Price's Piggy Party Pen".... We can't believe these two boys are still with us and feel very sad they are. Part of the Gertie's 30 intake and around 2 weeks old when they arrived. Franklin and Corder were part of Marigolds first litter and saw their siblings all go off to forever homes. They are now coming up to 6 months old and still searching for someone to spot them and fall in love. They really are a great pair - who are very happy in each others company. We really hope that they are spotted soon by someone who has a space in their hearts and family for them......

Phew ..... I've made it round the Piggery ...... I don't know about you but I had to have a lot of swigs at my camel back on the way round........ to get through that lot.....

I am now feeling all emotional..... (Miss Gertie, Miss Gertie..... tissues please)

It is an honour to be trusted with these little lives and ensure we work to find them the perfect homes. One thing Mam and Karen have learnt is some choices are hard, some need to be chewed over (normally with wine) - and some answers come from the blue...they never say never - but do appear to swear a lot.....

But...... there was a collective sigh of relief from us piggies at our Christmas doo when both Mam and Karen clinked glasses and said and I leave you with their quote

"bloody hell that was hard - but we wouldn't change a bloody thing"

Miss Edith


Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Newcastle UK



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