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Gertie's Gossip 15

Good Evening everyone, it's a while since we have had time to sit down and write our we thought we would just surprise you with a block buster round up edition - get you all up to speed about who is who in rescue as some days even we lose track. This edition is Pigtastic...

Every once in a while Miss Edith and I like to tour both premises that make up Gertie's, to ensure standards are being upheld! If we take our paw off the pulse - Mam and Karen can slip...... so today we set off on a tour to talk to all our guests and ensure everyone is happy..... Miss Edith was particular keen to do a full boar check! I personally wanted to do a white paw test and run my paw along the hard to reach areas - and check they had been dusted!

The last few weeks have seen a lot of intakes and unfortunately not much movement in adoptions. This time of year is always difficult.

So here is our full line up of our current adoptable residents:

Single Sows


Bingo joined us when she was left in a garden when her owners moved out. She does not do particularly well with other sows so is waiting for the neutered boar of her dreams to come along.


Coral is a beautiful girl who has restricted movement in her back legs. So sort of zoom's around like a seal. She does not let this get her down and is a true inspiration. The right understanding home would be considered for Coral.


Everyone needs a Doris in their lives .......... This lady is sassy and loves to strut her stuff. Often heard singing Que Sera, Sera - she really is ready to find her new adventures.


She certainly is our pearly Queen! A great sow full of beans and curiosity. Part of an intake of 8 girls she feels that she stands out ......... She said fluent Cockney is not required to understand her


Cookie is a girl who just loves to eat and lounge around.... She says she is more than happy to discuss veg on a one to one basis with you.


A beautiful gentle girl she is happy with a group of sows around her. She just wants to settle down and be loved


Ember has an eye issue under investigation. We are hoping its just how she is made. She is such a gentle little girl.

She is not a diva just adorable.

Sweet Pea

A sow has to look her best!!! So Sweet Pea demanded a Mani and Pedi on arrival... She likes to look good.

A sweet and lovely girl just looking for love.

Edwina (Scissor Paws)

Edwina has not been tested with other sows but we were told when she was surrendered that sow bonding had not been very successful - so we are looking for a neutered boar for Edwina. She honestly is a beautiful piggy.... butter wouldn't melt!

Sow Pairs

Carly and Marge

Carly and Marge are a lovely female pair but need to remain as a pair as Carly is very fussy who she will live with. However her and Marge do love each other and get along like a couple of bestees. Marge is so laid

back she is more than happy to put up with Carly. As a pair these two are adorable and proof that there is a match for every single guinea pig.

Blossom and Molly

These girls were part of a larger intake who were left in a garden when the owner moved out. They are particularly close so are desperate for a home together. Such a lovely pair of girls.

Boar Pairs

Pablo and Wogan

New arrivals Pablo and Wogan are just settling in so we do not know much about them as yet

Miles and Grayson

What can we say about these two handsome fellers. Miles will lay on you demanding attention and Grayson happily accepts your adoration. They are typical boars!!!!

Gulliver and Herbert

Food is the order of the day for Gulliver and Herbert. A well matched loved boar pair. Once they are happy with you - they ensure you feel the need to keep their food supply coming.

Teddy and Penfold

Teddy and Penfold met here at Gertie's and are a great match. Sometimes they love to be snuggled under the same hidey other times they do their own thing. They are very comfortable together.

Effy and Bambi

What Bambi gives you in character, Effy give you in love. A great pair these two. But Bambi has his nose in everything and needs to know everything that is going on - your secrets would not be safe. These boars have a lot of love to give.

Rupert and Remus

Oh these boys are so much fun. They are typical boars - strutting and pop-corning... never miss being at the bars at tea time looking desperate! However they do need fur care big time.

Single Un-Neutered Boars


Looking for a wonderful single boar to chum up with your boar - Billy is your man! with his long dashing locks. A lovely boy just waiting for his pal to arrive.


Little Nugget insisted I use his baby photo in case he catches someones eye! He is still a young lad and very adorable - his brothers have all been adopted and he is still waiting for his home.


Rasa has been a single boar all his life and is so pleased he is now in a position where he may just find a pal. He has an air of sadness at the moment but we are hoping to change that for him.

Neutered Boars


Now female safe - Heathcliffe cant wait to get the party started and meet the sow(s) of his dreams. He is a nervous boy but will not fail to make you laugh. We know with the right attention he is going to be a wonderful addition to any family.


Popcorn has just been neutered so not ready quite yet. He is such a happy little chap - He said he doesn't like bell peppers though! He just felt that was vital information to share. He said his home must know he doesn't do bell pepper. He did add he is happy to give his share of pepper to a wife.


Our loveable fuzzy crazy whisker boy. He really just craves a sow or two of his own. Such a gentle and friendly boy - he so deserves a friend.

As you can see we have our paws full at the moment !!! and this does not include our sanctuary pigs who also reside at Gertie's.

Ways to help us

Word of mouth and sharing media is a powerful way to help us and costs nothing. If people know about us then at a time that is right for them - they will contact us.

Displaying our leaflet - If you have somewhere you could stick one let us know

Give as you live - This honestly is a fab way to help us - you shop on line and we get a donation - We raised over £400 last year via give as you live. Ask for details - if you get recommended by us we raise even more.

Donations are always gratefully received - we have a lot of piggies at the moment and some are under vet care. So funds are stretched - every penny really counts.

We hope you are as proud as Mam and Karen are - of all of the wonderful piggies we are all supporting at the moment. Each and every one of them are worthy of a fresh start - and we know that home is out there somewhere.

Miss Gertie