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Gertie's Gossip 16 - The Start of the Summer Holiday's - Part 1

Well it feels like ages since I put paw to keyboard....and gave you the top gossip..... that is probably because it is..... my paw has not been on the pulse at all....

So now I have so much gossip I don't know where to start.... I feel exhausted already .... so have loaded up my hip flask with Carrot cava, and am in for the long haul ...... grab yourselves a large one and snuggle down in your hay pile for an epic read over the next few days....... I will be doing it in parts - so will start at the beginning and end at the end...... No doubt with Miss Gertie interfering!

A Trip to the Cinema - Miss Edith

Trip to the cinema - Toy Story 4

So the summer holidays started with me and Miss Gertie taking the 3 baby boars - Wilbur, Casper and Pip, to the cinema to see Toy Story 4...Who didn't start the holidays like that with the kids?. Well that was a mistake!

So first off I had to use nearly a weeks allowance of carrot cava to pay to get in... It was daylight robbery...... I was not happy! Oh how it hurt as I slid the money over the counter.....

So with tickets clenched in my paw ..... we made our way towards screen 1....I bustled in a meaningful march past the refreshment stands - but no tickets to see the film were not enough for the little brats........ umm I mean the adorable young boars - They wanted refreshments to take in as well.... Miss Gertie insisted it was all part of the experience.... I shot her my best death stare!

Pip wanted ice cream - and Casper wanted salted popcorn and of course Wilbur wanted sweet popcorn..... and they all wanted extra large fizzy dandelion pop.... Ker-ching..... there went my night out at the Fitch and Carrot I had planned!

Finally I got us in our seats with miss Gertie following behind loaded with snacks and drinks .... went for centre of the 8th row so we got the best vision and sound experience..... (read that on google) well that was a mistake....

So after a lot of loud sucking up straws of the dandelion pop and giggling ..... Wilbur announced he needed the toilet..... so despite the film starting - I had to shuffle along the row saying excuse me, excuse me... sorry ....with the torch on my mobile showing the way I led Wilbur to the toilets..... and back again ..... just settled down and was about to take a swig from my hip flask and get into the plot and Casper needed the toilet.....So off I went again.... sorry.... excuse me .... sorry... We were all settled back down again... and then the young couple sat next to us started rustling their pick and mix bag - well I'm sorry but despite our best efforts we couldn't help but WHEEK..... what did they expect.....

People Shuuuush'd us..... Can you believe it....... me Miss Edith being silenced......

Then Wilbur's seat folded up with him and his popcorn in it.... Don't you hate flip seats? One wrong move and the thing flips up... It took both Miss Gertie and I, hanging on the edge of his seat to un-flip him.... We got Shushed again!!!! and Wilbur started crying because all his popcorn got squashed and no way was I paying for any more.... I had my eye on a nice little mini skirt down the market.

The final straw came when Pip had eaten all his ice-cream and declared he had tummy ache We called it a day and left....we attempted to leave quietly with Pip literally firing poops left right and centre on the way out.... goodness knows what was in that cabbage ice cream.....

That is the last time I go to the cinema.......with kids in tow ..... you know I would still go in the company of a handsome boar for example...... just in case any single boars are reading this blog....

Miss Edith

Gertie's - A long summer - Miss Gertie.

In the late spring/ early summer we had a large flux of intakes - including pregnant sows and large groupings of piggies. Along side this we had urgent intakes and previous Gertie pigs being returned. This fully stretched us beyond our comfort zone. Karen and Mam were at full stretch and at one point looking after nearly 60 guinea pigs between them. This was taking every hour they had spare and every cage/pen and room they had spare. The hours involved were crazy.

Adoptions went very quiet and we seemed only to be taking in and not managing to find suitable homes. It was so frustrating. That thankfully has changed.

This has been a very busy time and not something we would want to do again if we can help it. Having so many piggies in our care was hard work and very difficult to manage. We found ourselves grid locked so even bonding became difficult because we just didn't have the room. Keeping 60 piggies fed and clean is no mean feat - let alone ensuring we were keeping them heath checked as well and as you can imagine our costs were spiralling.

Things we had always been on top of started to slip - especially around updates and social media. We apologise that we have not had the time to keep you informed and up to date with where your support and funds are going or even share our re-home stories with you - and react and be involved in your posts. We know that there is a balance that is important - and it slightly tipped over in the last few months.

Don't get us wrong there is not one piggy we would have turned away - and we always put any piggy in dire need above our own sanity but Karen and Mam are both relieved, that finally after 3 months, we have just about got to a much more manageable place.

So we are now bringing you all the gossip we would have loved to have shared as it happened, but just did not have the hours in the day- and perhaps you will see why we have been so quiet over the last 3 months....

We have to say though, despite us not being as active on social media and updates, you have not stopped supporting us and for that we are very grateful. You really are lovely people.

Miss Gertie



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